Criminal Investigation Software

CaseInfo offers the sophisticated case management, investigative support and secure access control features that are required by public safety today. Linking is offered throughout. with cases, people, vehicles, phone numbers, and addresses being just some of the many elements that can be linked. CaseInfo reflects over 15 years of experience in offering criminal investigation and intelligence software on the part of CI Technologies.


Yearly and monthly trends by key data elements can be charted with a few clicks of the mouse. Charts can be cut-and-pasted to Powerpoint, Word and other widely-used programs. Data can also be exported to MS Excel.


A link chart surface allows users to better visualize key entities and their relationships. All link charts offer drilldown capabilities so that doubleclicking on an entity displays its chart automatically.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so data can be quickly grouped and aggregated for analysis with CaseInfo’s charting interfaces. Charts are easily configurable and their data accessible for export.

Visual Case Management

Maximizing Ease-of-Use

CaseInfo’s design incorporates visual elements such as icons, link charts and graphs in order to maximize ease-of-use. Relationships between key entities such as people, vehicles, addresses, phone numbers, etc. are reflected in many interfaces. Powerful search and icon-driven drill-down capabilities make it easy for users to navigate linked information with a few clicks of the mouse. Searchability of information is crucial, and CaseInfo’s query builder and an array of search features provide that capability.


CaseInfo is much more than just case management software. It incorporates unique investigative support features designed to help investigators solve cases by discovering links and tie-ins they may not otherwise know about.


Linking is inherent in CaseInfo’s design. Information entered into CaseInfo is automatically linked as appropriate. Links, and links via links, are instantly displayed as information is searched and accessed throughout the system.


When a subject, vehicle, address, phone number, e-mail address, or business is entered into CaseInfo, the user is immediately notified of any possible matches that are already in the system.

Security and Access Control

A multi-layered, hierarchical screening lies at the core of CaseInfo’s data access control model. This is supplemented by stove-pipe access control to enable the further narrowing of access based on parameters such as case assignment or investigative team. Users’ access to system features can also be configured as needed.

A fully-featured background usage/audit log records all key system usage.